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2009-12-17 11:10 pm
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Day 05 → Your favourite quote
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"We're all worth it, man. We're all worth millions of planets and stars and galaxies and universes." -River Phoenix

There are so many quotes I wanted to put, but that's always the one that comes to mind first when I'm asked this question.
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2009-12-16 06:02 pm


Day 03 → Your favourite television programme
Day 04 → Your favourite book

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My favorite show is Six Feet Under, always and forever.

My favorite book seems to change every year or so, but it's currently Less Than Zero by Bret Easton Ellis.
Set in Los Angeles in the early 1980s, this coolly mesmerizing novel is a raw, powerful portrait of a lost generation who have experienced sex, drugs, and disaffection at too early an age, in a world shaped by casual nihilism, passivity, and too much money a place devoid of feeling or hope.

Clay comes home for Christmas vacation from his Eastern college and re-enters a landscape of limitless privilege and absolute moral entropy, where everyone drives Porches, dines at Spago, and snorts mountains of cocaine. He tries to renew feelings for his girlfriend, Blair, and for his best friend from high school, Julian, who is careering into hustling and heroin. Clay's holiday turns into a dizzying spiral of desperation that takes him through the relentless parties in glitzy mansions, seedy bars, and underground rock clubs and also into the seamy world of L.A. after dark.
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2009-12-16 05:50 pm
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My schedule for the movie marathon went roughly like this (starting yesterday morning):

10:30am - Choke
12:15pm - Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (finished the hour I had left)
1:55pm - 12 Monkeys
4:20pm - Tetro
6:40pm - Shrink
8:40pm - Things We Lost in the Fire
10:50pm - Ink
12:45am - L.I.E.
2:30am - Obsessed
4:25am - How to Be
6:00am - Gettin' Square
7:50am - Time Bandits
10:00am - The Royal Tenenbaums

My top five favorites of those would probably be L.I.E., The Royal Tenenbaums, 12 Monkeys, Things We Lost in the Fire, and Tetro...but I really enjoyed them all, except for How to Be and Obsessed, and Ink was a little difficult to get into, but overall, I think I liked it.

Yeah, I know this wasn't healthy at all but damn, I feel good about it. I technically shouldn't since it just means I've been even lazier than usual, but I do anyway. I don't think I'll try it again very soon, but I was hoping to achieve that sense of focus, and I think I have. Next time I sit down to watch a movie and start fidgeting and pacing, hopefully I'll remember when I sat through 24+ hours, and it'll be easier.
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2009-12-14 04:57 pm


Do any of you have a Tumblr? I don't post too much, but I enjoy it.

Tomorrow I'm having a 24-hour movie marathon. (Yes, I know I'm insane.) I'll post how it goes the following day!

Day 02 → Your favourite movie
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My Own Private Idaho (1991), dir. Gus Van Sant

This has been my favorite movie since I was 15. I love everything about it so much, even its flaws. Every character, every line, every moment...I don't know if this film will ever be replaced.
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2009-12-13 10:03 pm
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I seriously can't believe it's been almost a month since I last posted.

[personal profile] animeshon, I sent your card last week, so I hope it gets to you safely!

Recent movies I've seen:
Everybody's Fine - I saw this for Sam Rockwell and liked it so much more than I thought I would.
The Road - I felt this movie was a remarkable achievement. I definitely want to read the book.
Brothers - I was only seeing this for Jake Gyllenhaal as, like Everybody's Fine, I wasn't that impressed by the trailer, but I really liked this one as well.
The Princess and the Frog - Very cute film. I really want the soundtrack.
Me and Orson Welles - Just saw this one today, and I wasn't disappointed; another great Linklater flick. The actor who plays Orson Welles (Christian McKay) does a truly fine job - I'm glad to see he earned a Spirit Award nomination for it!

As for upcoming movies, I absolutely cannot wait for A Single Man.

Right, so, I'm going to attempt the 30-day meme to get back on track.

For one month, post/share:

Day 01 → Your favourite song
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"Poison Oak" by Bright Eyes. My brother played it to me last year, and it won't sound like anything special if I try to put the moment in words, but I was very moved, to say the least.

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2009-11-17 08:26 pm
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Movie Update

Last seen
The Men Who Stare at Goats: Loved this film, would see again. Brilliant cast (Ewan McGregor, Jeff Bridges, Kevin Spacey, George Clooney).
The Box: I'm a bit more unsure about this one. I didn't think it was terrible but I did think it was great.
The Fourth Kind: Same as The Box.
Antichrist: Whoa. This film...very heavy, disturbing. Currently in my top ten of the year.

Up next
The Boat That Rocked [Pirate Radio]: Seeing tomorrow.
New Moon: Seeing for the lulz.

I bought Star Trek on DVD today and I've been watching it again :')...though, I should be writing. Very behind on NaNoWriMo, eeep.

I really want to get better about updating here again, so I'll try to get back to posting a few times a week.
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2009-06-21 12:44 am
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I'm so, so sorry for not updating or commenting.
    Summary of my world lately:
  • Movies: I saw The Proposal and it wasn't anything mind-blowing, but it was cute. I'm seeing Little Ashes on Monday. I hated Land of the Lost.
  • Books: I bought A Home at the End of the World and Cocaine Nights. I've only read half of the former and haven't heard of the latter, so, this should be interesting.
  • TV: Three more episodes and I'll have caught up with Heroes. :')
  • Life: My dog was doing better but, due to circumstances I don't feel like recapping, is unwell again. I've been hanging out with friends a lot: lazy summer nights, full of games and surprises and jokes and random chatter and nonsense. I should be more stressed out about school than I am, but can't bring myself to care at the moment.
I really do hope to become active on here again eventually, but feel free to add me on LiveJournal ([ profile] grindhouseblues).
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2009-05-25 04:11 pm


Have any of you done this? There are 50 movies from the last 20 years hidden in a picture. Some of them are obvious, but some I got help with. It's rather challenging! I still need seven more, but I'm determined to figure them out on my own.

So, Star Trek: I didn't immediately like it while I was watching it, but now that I've had a couple days to reflect on it, I think I'd see it again. It's not my favorite of the year or anything, but overall, it was entertaining.

My favorite thing about holidays is USA Network uses them as an excuse to have House marathons, which they did yesterday, even though they already had one on Mother's Day. Still...eight hours of House? I'm not complaining! They played a couple of my favorites.

Welcome to newer friends, and if you would please fill this out when you have a spare moment, I would very much appreciate it!
This isn't the kind of film a lot of people would like or even see, and it wasn't flawless, but it really got to me.
Today's viewing recommendation:
Goodbye Solo (2009)
Two men form an unlikely friendship that will change both of their lives forever.
With: Souléymane Sy Savané, Red West
Dir.: Ramin Bahrani
Writ.: Bahareh Azimi, Ramin Bahrani
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2009-05-22 08:30 pm


In the summer the local indie theatre has "Midnight Madness" where every weekend they resurrect a movie and show it at midnight, and they're doing Hedwig and the Angry Inch August 14 & 15. To say I'm excited would be an extreme understatement. It's one of my top ten favorites of all time.

I saw Terminator Salvation today and actually really enjoyed it. I'm seeing it again perhaps on Tuesday, partially for the epic awesomeness that is Sam Worthington. ♥ He was great (and so were the others). I'm so excited for him, being in such a big movie and actually getting credit for it, since he's not very well-known. I've only seen six of his movies; they're so hard to find here.

I saw Night at the Museum 2 at midnight last night and thought it was just okay. I'm finally seeing Star Trek tomorrow. I have no idea if I'll like it or not.
Today's viewing recommendation:
The Wrestler (2008)
A faded professional wrestler must retire, but finds his quest for a new life outside the ring a dispiriting struggle.
With: Mickey Rourke, Marisa Tomei, Evan Rachel Wood, Ernest Miller
Dir.: Darren Aronofsky
Writ.: Robert D. Siegel
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2009-05-20 03:27 pm


Yesterday my friends and I threw a surprise going-away party for our friend Beth, who will be leaving to study abroad in the UK soon. It was a success! Not only was she surprised, but the party was quite fun - pizza, a field trip to Dairy Queen and Family Video, Fanboys, conversation. (Though not a Star Wars fan, I enjoyed Fanboys.)

My cousin Cheryl is getting married on August 30 to her high school sweetheart. It's so weird, in a way, but very nice. Time sure flies...

To say I've been slacking lately would be an understatement, so I'm setting aside at least one hour later to read, and another hour to write, or at least brainstorm. I need to find a way to conquer my writer's block.

First Look At Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus From Cannes. I don't know how many of you are Heath fans, but he's been one of my very favorites for years, so you'll be hearing a lot about this movie from me. I had a hard time watching this clip, but even though it's so short, I think it looks great.
Person of the Day: I'm going to do this every other entry now.
Today's viewing recommendation:
Brazil (1985)
A bureaucrat in a retro-future world tries to correct an administrative error and himself becomes an enemy of the state.
With: Jonathan Pryce, Kim Greist, Michael Palin, Robert De Niro, Katherine Helmond, Bob Hoskins, Ian Holm
Dir.: Terry Gilliam
Writ.: Terry Gilliam, Tom Stoppard, Charles McKeown
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2009-05-19 12:09 pm


What used to be my intro post is now my extended info post, and I have made a new intro post, though most of it was copied from my LJ. I also changed my profile! I like it, even though there are issues with the HTML here that I didn't have with LJ.

On that note, welcome, newer friends/subscribers! *waves*

I attended a midnight showing of Angels & Demons last week. It was a good crowd. As for the movie, I found it interesting, but forgettable - though that tends to be how I see most Ron Howard films, to be honest. I recommend skipping S. Darko, The Unborn, and The International, all of which I also watched recently. *sigh* I guess I'm in a movie slump.

A good handful of you are House fans, so I think I'm going to make a House post soon.

The lovely [personal profile] deceitfulangel recently opened communities for Matthew Gray Gubler, Jackson Rathbone, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, so I'm pimping them in case any of you are interested!

[community profile] gubler_daily
[community profile] jackson_daily
[community profile] jdm_daily

Person of the Day: Naomi Watts )
Today's viewing recommendation:
The Cure (1995)
Dexter, 11, who has AIDS, and his next door neighbor, Erik, a little older and much bigger, become best friends. Erik also becomes closer to Dexter's mother than to his own, who is neglectful and bigoted and violently forbids their friendship upon learning of it. When they read that a doctor in distant New Orleans claims to have found a cure for AIDS, the boys leave home on their own, planning to float down the Mississippi river and find him.
With: Brad Renfro, Joseph Mazzello, Diana Scarwid, Annabella Sciorra
Dir.: Peter Horton
Writ.: Robert Kuhn
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2009-05-11 01:03 pm


Aside from Dan and myself, there were about five other people seeing Wolverine yesterday, LOL. I guess everyone has moved on to Star Trek.

For whatever reason, they didn't turn the lights off, so they were on the entire movie until the end credits started...and then they turned off. -_- I didn't mind after a while, but seriously. Dan and I developed some new inside jokes, and I've realized - yet again - that I have a tendency to laugh at excruciatingly inappropriate moments. Hmm

Anyone excited for the House season finale?! I can't wait. They were having some sort of Mother's Day marathon yesterday where I proceeded to watch five hours of House reruns with my mother. It was nice.

P.S. I love having one-way conversations with celebrities on Twitter, hee.
Person of the Day: Alex Garland )
Today's viewing recommendation:
Sunshine (2007)
A team of astronauts are sent to reignite the dying sun fifty years into the future.
With: Cillian Murphy, Rose Byrne, Cliff Curtis, Chris Evans, Troy Garity, Hiroyuki Sanada, Benedict Wong, Michelle Yeoh, Chipo Chung, Mark Strong
Dir.: Danny Boyle
Writ.: Alex Garland
On that note, Dan and I have set up RP journals that we plan on using in the near future - he's [personal profile] mace and I'm [personal profile] capa. Not entirely sure what we'll be doing yet, but I'd like to write journal entries from Capa's point of view before the movie begins, as well as the events during the movie.
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2009-05-10 10:20 am


NO, NO, NO. D':

JUST...WHY? I'm a loss for words at how awful that looks.

BUT on the other hand - True Blood Season 2 promo. AHHHH. I CANNOT WAIT AND I CANNOT STOP WATCHING THAT. ...Sorry, I'm apparently somewhat caps-happy today.

It's beautiful out. Off to see Wolverine with Dan again soon. Have a nice Sunday (or Monday)!
Person of the Day: Joseph Gordon-Levitt )
I know you've probably all seen it, but I had to-
Today's viewing recommendation:
10 Things I Hate About You (1999)
Popular, pretty Bianca Stratford is in dilemma. A family rule forbids her from dating until her unpopular, rebellious, boy-hating older sister Kat gets a suitor of her own. In an attempt to win Bianca, a potential boyfriend desperately attempts to set Kat up with Patrick Verona, another rebel who may just be able to win Kat's heart.
With: Heath Ledger, Julia Stiles, Larisa Oleynik, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, David Krumholtz, Andrew Keegan, Larry Miller
Dir.: Gil Junger
Writ.: Karen McCullah Lutz, Kirsten Smith; William Shakespeare (play The Taming of the Shrew)
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2009-05-08 04:04 pm


Kim, Beth, and Christina are home from college and joined me, Dan, and Jeff in watching Definitely, Maybe for Movie Night last night. It was a cute movie, and it was fantastic to see them. I can't wait for summer.

Tonight we're watching Twilight because Dan hasn't seen it. LMFAO. This should be fun. (Disclaimer: I'm active in the Twilight fandom, but it's ALL for lulz; I know how ridiculous it is and prefer making fun of it as opposed to having serious discussion about it. Any serious discussion is just hilarious anyway.) (I do love Jackson Rathbone though. ♥)
Person of the Day: Jackson Rathbone )
Today's viewing recommendation:
Not Twilight.
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2009-05-06 06:26 pm


I'm in directing class, hoping like hell I get a sudden burst of inspiration for my thesis film. I'm not enthusiastic enough about any of my ideas thus far, but I think I'm on the verge of something.

My instructor: "...You still have to work under SAG guidelines which limits how many hours you can abuse an actor..." LOL, mmmk then. It feels like we talk about actors as if they're a separate species. (I still love "Give your actors a shot of Red Bull to pep them up" and "I made a little girl cry. It's very common on a film set.")

Speaking of the insanity of film sets, I need more excuses to use this icon.

Oh, and Liev Schreiber was very handsome on Letterman last night. I had the volume low so I need to re-watch it to actually hear what they were talking about, but yeah. ♥
Person of the Day: Helena Bonham Carter )
This is a stupid movie, but it's hilarious so I'm recommending it anyway-
Today's viewing recommendation:
The Ten (2007)
Ten stories, each inspired by one of the ten commandments.
With: Paul Rudd, Jessica Alba, Winona Ryder, Justin Theroux, Ken Marino, Famke Janssen, Adam Brody, Gretchen Mol, Oliver Platt, Liev Schreiber, Rob Corddry, A. D. Miles
Dir.: David Wain
Writ.: Ken Marino, David Wain
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2009-05-05 09:17 pm


HOSHIT, the light bulb burned out and scared the hell out of me. I've been in my pajamas all day; it's somewhat liberating.

...Yeah, don't know when I'm going to get this bulb replaced. I don't want to sit here in the dark all evening so I think I'll move to another room...

My last semester starts tomorrow with Film Directing 4. I'm nervous.

(P.S. I'm thinking of making this my new desktop)
Person of the Day: Colin Farrell )
Since this is one of [personal profile] animeshon's favorite movies and I don't know many other people who have seen it-
Today's viewing recommendation:
Two Hands (1999)
A 19-year-old finds himself in debt to a local gangster when some gang loot disappears and sets him on the run from thugs.
With: Heath Ledger, Bryan Brown, Rose Byrne, David Field
Writ./Dir.: Gregor Jordan
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2009-05-04 05:02 pm


Yay, I have new friends! :D *waves hi to everyone*

Best Buy had lots of movies I wanted on sale pretty cheap, so I bought Seven Pounds, Run Fatboy Run, and Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay. I also wanted to get August Rush and P.S. I Love You but I really can't afford it. (lol @my random taste in movies)

I re-watched the Taking Woodstock trailer and I'm too excited. I decided to make a list of movies I'm looking forward to this year, which I used to go in-depth about on my website, but since I started school again, I've been too busy to update it like I used to. Upcoming movies )
Person of the Day: Maggie Gyllenhaal ) (Congrats to her and Peter!)
Today's viewing recommendation:
Manic (2001)
Lyle Jensen is subject to sudden and violent outbursts, and he is committed to the juvenile wing of the Northwood Mental Institution. Several other youths are there with a variety of serious problems. Lyle interacts with other patients and staff on a human, and sometimes not so human level. The psychological problems of the patients also forms the fabric by which we see what's right with them, and what's wrong with the society that affects them.
With: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Don Cheadle, Zooey Deschanel
Dir.: Jordan Melamed
Writ.: Michael Bacall, Blayne Weaver
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2009-05-03 06:07 pm
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Well. I added things to my profile and made an intro post. I have come to the conclusion that 1) I like way too many things and 2) I am very wordy. Hmm. ...Oh, and also, I say "hmm" a lot.

It's been lovely outside today so I went out for a couple hours; other than that, I've been lazy. I'm looking forward to House tomorrow.
Person of the Day: Darren Aronofsky )
Today's viewing recommendation:
Stay (2005)
A psychiatrist attempts to prevent one of his patients from committing suicide while trying to maintain his own grip on reality.
With: Ewan McGregor, Naomi Watts, Ryan Gosling, Bob Hoskins
Dir.: Marc Forster
Writ.: David Benioff