May. 19th, 2009


May. 19th, 2009 12:09 pm
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What used to be my intro post is now my extended info post, and I have made a new intro post, though most of it was copied from my LJ. I also changed my profile! I like it, even though there are issues with the HTML here that I didn't have with LJ.

On that note, welcome, newer friends/subscribers! *waves*

I attended a midnight showing of Angels & Demons last week. It was a good crowd. As for the movie, I found it interesting, but forgettable - though that tends to be how I see most Ron Howard films, to be honest. I recommend skipping S. Darko, The Unborn, and The International, all of which I also watched recently. *sigh* I guess I'm in a movie slump.

A good handful of you are House fans, so I think I'm going to make a House post soon.

The lovely [personal profile] deceitfulangel recently opened communities for Matthew Gray Gubler, Jackson Rathbone, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, so I'm pimping them in case any of you are interested!

[community profile] gubler_daily
[community profile] jackson_daily
[community profile] jdm_daily

Person of the Day: Naomi Watts )
Today's viewing recommendation:
The Cure (1995)
Dexter, 11, who has AIDS, and his next door neighbor, Erik, a little older and much bigger, become best friends. Erik also becomes closer to Dexter's mother than to his own, who is neglectful and bigoted and violently forbids their friendship upon learning of it. When they read that a doctor in distant New Orleans claims to have found a cure for AIDS, the boys leave home on their own, planning to float down the Mississippi river and find him.
With: Brad Renfro, Joseph Mazzello, Diana Scarwid, Annabella Sciorra
Dir.: Peter Horton
Writ.: Robert Kuhn



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