May. 11th, 2009


May. 11th, 2009 01:03 pm
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Aside from Dan and myself, there were about five other people seeing Wolverine yesterday, LOL. I guess everyone has moved on to Star Trek.

For whatever reason, they didn't turn the lights off, so they were on the entire movie until the end credits started...and then they turned off. -_- I didn't mind after a while, but seriously. Dan and I developed some new inside jokes, and I've realized - yet again - that I have a tendency to laugh at excruciatingly inappropriate moments. Hmm

Anyone excited for the House season finale?! I can't wait. They were having some sort of Mother's Day marathon yesterday where I proceeded to watch five hours of House reruns with my mother. It was nice.

P.S. I love having one-way conversations with celebrities on Twitter, hee.
Person of the Day: Alex Garland )
Today's viewing recommendation:
Sunshine (2007)
A team of astronauts are sent to reignite the dying sun fifty years into the future.
With: Cillian Murphy, Rose Byrne, Cliff Curtis, Chris Evans, Troy Garity, Hiroyuki Sanada, Benedict Wong, Michelle Yeoh, Chipo Chung, Mark Strong
Dir.: Danny Boyle
Writ.: Alex Garland
On that note, Dan and I have set up RP journals that we plan on using in the near future - he's [personal profile] mace and I'm [personal profile] capa. Not entirely sure what we'll be doing yet, but I'd like to write journal entries from Capa's point of view before the movie begins, as well as the events during the movie.



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