May. 10th, 2009


May. 10th, 2009 10:20 am
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NO, NO, NO. D':

JUST...WHY? I'm a loss for words at how awful that looks.

BUT on the other hand - True Blood Season 2 promo. AHHHH. I CANNOT WAIT AND I CANNOT STOP WATCHING THAT. ...Sorry, I'm apparently somewhat caps-happy today.

It's beautiful out. Off to see Wolverine with Dan again soon. Have a nice Sunday (or Monday)!
Person of the Day: Joseph Gordon-Levitt )
I know you've probably all seen it, but I had to-
Today's viewing recommendation:
10 Things I Hate About You (1999)
Popular, pretty Bianca Stratford is in dilemma. A family rule forbids her from dating until her unpopular, rebellious, boy-hating older sister Kat gets a suitor of her own. In an attempt to win Bianca, a potential boyfriend desperately attempts to set Kat up with Patrick Verona, another rebel who may just be able to win Kat's heart.
With: Heath Ledger, Julia Stiles, Larisa Oleynik, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, David Krumholtz, Andrew Keegan, Larry Miller
Dir.: Gil Junger
Writ.: Karen McCullah Lutz, Kirsten Smith; William Shakespeare (play The Taming of the Shrew)



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