May. 3rd, 2009


May. 3rd, 2009 06:07 pm
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Well. I added things to my profile and made an intro post. I have come to the conclusion that 1) I like way too many things and 2) I am very wordy. Hmm. ...Oh, and also, I say "hmm" a lot.

It's been lovely outside today so I went out for a couple hours; other than that, I've been lazy. I'm looking forward to House tomorrow.
Person of the Day: Darren Aronofsky )
Today's viewing recommendation:
Stay (2005)
A psychiatrist attempts to prevent one of his patients from committing suicide while trying to maintain his own grip on reality.
With: Ewan McGregor, Naomi Watts, Ryan Gosling, Bob Hoskins
Dir.: Marc Forster
Writ.: David Benioff



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